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FC Abuja

Abuja, Nigeria

The site concept, vis-á-vis the distribution of the major elements, is based on the spirit of the united game of soccer, the idea of playing for the Team. The idea of several individuals uniting to become one, one rhythm, one goal, one soul.

The heart of the complex is the main stadium that is a skeletal, but well grounded: the true athlete; light on its feet and ready to fly; ready to run; ready to live.The buildings are designed in a contemporary fashion that reflect the fluidity of the Nigerian soccer player. The buildings respond to the stylistic character and dynamism of the Nigerian athlete, confident but not flamboyant, thin and well defined and strong, athletic but not bulky, stylistic, yet sharp and focused.

The buildings are all designed in a unique, organic and sustainable fashion that is recognizable to the international soccer audience but grounded in the roots of eccentric African art and architecture.

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